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(On The) Death Of Esther Johnson [Stella]
A Modest Proposal
Gulliver`s Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World
Hints Towards An Essay On Conversation
Letter Of Advice To A Young Poet
Treatise On Good Manners And Good Breeding


11/30/1667 Jonathan Swift was born in Dublin, Ireland on 30 November 1667, second child and only son of Jonathan Swift and Abigaile Erick Swift.

1668 Swift`s Father dies

1668 Abigail Erick, Swift`s mother, was left without private income to support her family. Swift was taken or "stolen" to England by his nurse

Approx 1672 he was sent back to Ireland to his mopther`s wealthy brother-in-law, Uncle Godwin

1674 Swift began study at Kilkenny Grammar School

1682 Left Kilkenny Grammar School and began higher learning at Trinity College in Dublin

1686 Jonathan graduated from Trinity Colege, Dublin

1688 Swift moved to England to the household of Sir William Temple at Moor Park

1692 received his M.A.

1695 he was ordained in the Church of Ireland (Anglican), Dublin

1697 The Battle Of The Books (exploring the merits of the ancients and the moderns in literature) published

1699 After William Temple`s death, Swift returned to Ireland

1704 A Tale Of A Tub (a religious satire. It has at its core a simple narrative of a father who has triplets and, upon his death, leaves them each a coat which will grow with them) Although the book was published anonymously, it established Swift`s reputation.

1708 Arguments Againts Abolishing Christianity (the narrator argues for the preservation of the Christian religion as a social necessity)

1708 When an ignorant cobbler named John Partridge published an almanac of astrological predictions, Swift parodied it in Prediction For The Ensuing Year By Isaac Bickerstaff. He foretold the death of John Partridge on March, 1708, and affirmed on that day his prediction. Partridge protested that he was alive but Swift proved in his `Vindication` that he was dead.

1713 Swift was appointed as the dean of St. Patrick`s Cathedral. He held the position until 1742

1716 According to some speculations, it is possible that Swift married Esther Johnson

1724 DRAPIER`S LETTERS (was against the monopoly granted by the English government to William Wood to provide the Irish with copper coinage)

1726 Gulliver`s Travels is published

1728 Stella dies - Swift kept a lock of her hair among his papers for the rest of his life.

1729 A Modest Proposal (the narrator with grotesque logic recommends, that Irish poverty can solved by the breeding up their infants as food for the rich)

10/19/1745 Jonathan Swift died in Dublin on October 19, 1745.

1757 Swift had saved a third of all his money to found St. Patrick`s Hospital for Imbeciles




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